Physiotherapy, Massage and Rehabilitation

Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham and North Yorkshire

Together, we’ll get you moving.

Physiotherapy can be used to deal with a wide range of health conditions including back pain, neurological conditions, arthritis, recovery from surgery, sports injuries and balance issues among others. The role of the physiotherapist is to support individuals with restoring their movement and function, which can improve your quality of life.

Whatever your problem or condition, we start with a thorough assessment of your needs. Following this we tailor a holistic treatment plan that works for you, in order to help you feel better and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Our team of experienced physiotherapists have over 12 years’ experience in a range of health care settings in the NHS and also private practice. Our physio services range from ‘hands on’ physio, to rehabilitation and massage services. We assess individuals on case by case basis and tailor our treatments to put the individual at the heart of our service.

We provide a flexible approach, you can have as much or as little support as you need.

Physiotherapy in your home or our clinics

Our Services

Our team of chartered physiotherapist offer a range of services

  • Physiotherapy
    • Our physiotherapists will support you in restoring function, reducing pain and improving mobility and balance.
  • Rehabilitation
    • Our physical rehabilitation services support you in recovering or adjusting to an injury or health condition.
  • Massage
    • Massage helps you release muscle tension, improve circulation, recover from injuries and of course relax!
  • Acupuncture
    • Can be used to help relieve muscle tension and pain.
  • Pilates
    • Exercise for strength, posture, flexibility and balance. Suitable for all ages, and available as part of a small class or on a 1:1 basis

Physiotherapy with Deepdale Therapies

Founded in 2021 Deepdale Therapies offers mobile or clinic based physiotherapy services – meaning you can come to us or we can come to you! If you live in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham or North Yorkshire, we provide a tailored physio service that is suitable for your needs.